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Your cheapest and most valuable employee

Today, you get to hire a new assistant. He’s the first port of call for your clients, he’s the doorman who makes them feel like you care. If your office had a lobby, would you want it derelict and empty, or would you want one with great service? He’s a quick, shiny...

What Goes Into Making a Website

People have an image in their minds when it comes to techs doing their jobs. It might be thanks to CSI, or films, or people’s natural ability to simplify things that they don’t quite understand, but either way, there seems to be this myth that there’s a button you can...

Three Ways to Pin Down Your Target Market in Your Lunch Break

In my previous post, I reminded you that your business has a soul mate. In this article, I'll call them your BSM. I'm going to tell you something else, that I'm sure you already know. The normal target market definition questionnaires are boring. I'm not saying don't...

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