There’s one thing that never ceases to blow my mind when I’m talking to clients who feel like people in their target audience don’t relate to who they are and what they do.

There’s this lull that comes in the conversation when we’re talking about their business and what they’re passionate about, and I ask this question.

“Who is your target audience?”

And far too often, I get a response like “Women”, or “Everyone”, or, if they’ve done a little profiling in the past, “Men between the ages of twenty-five and forty”.

This might seem reasonable to some people, the more people you include, the more people will buy your product, right?


Here’s the thing; regardless of who you’re marketing to, your product or service already has a target audience.

That audience is not a range of people, a demographic or a market. It’s not 1000 different people, thirty, or only ten. If it is, you haven’t distilled it to it’s true form.

It’s one.


Like finding yourself a partner, your business has a soul mate.

That person has a name. They have passions, interests, dreams, favourite television shows, and absolutely love the products you sell.

When you find out who that person is, you market to them. The people who can relate to that person on a personal level will be drawn to the personal message you have for a person that’s just like them.

Keep your target audience bland and nondescript, and your advertising will follow, resulting in a cold message that no-one can relate to, and that no-one will buy into.

Be distinct, be exact, and be specific.

Create a soul mate for your business.