The Gonzo Theory

While working in the industry, our founders saw hundreds of businesses with slick, impersonal branding that fails to connect to their clients. It doesn’t come across as authentic, and it certainly doesn’t fool their audiences. Every business has a personality, and in modern marketing, it just doesn’t show.

So they put their heads together. In their research, they discovered that marketing today is stuck in the same rut journalism was stuck in about forty years ago. People saw right through pitch perfect and convoluted copy. In reporting, Gonzo Journalism modernised the industry by “telling it like it is”, creating a new wave of authentic and engaging publication. In design, It’s Gonzo Media.

If you can’t trust a person who talks about themselves in the third person and doesn’t give you any meaningful information about who they are, how could you trust a business that does the same?

So, we’re adopting a new method of marketing. It involves connecting to people on their level. It involves not being passive as a marketing firm and just churning out product, but actually getting to know your business in order to create materials that are interesting, honest and engaging. Engaging isn’t what people expect, and because of that, engaging and personal is what sells.

Let us in to your business, and we’ll give you something your competition rarely has. Integrity. Honesty. Individuality.

As Hunter S. Thompson says himself: “Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity.”
It’s dangerous because it works.
It’s dangerous because it gives you something no one can compete with.
It’s dangerous because it gets people passionate about who you are and what you do.
It’s dangerous because it translates to product out the door, money in your pocket and a clear conscience at the same time.

There’s no snake oil here. Nothing slick and out of the box. We have something for you.
Something hand crafted.
Something engaging.
Something awesome.
That’s what Gonzo Media does, and we’re great at it.