congratulations on your successful kickstarter!

Now it’s time to get down to business. (to defeat the huns)

Upgrade your website


Now that you have the funding for your project, put it on a beautiful platform.

Whether it’s to make your backers feel like they’re being looked after with a dedicated platform to share updates, or to make a website to sell your product after it goes into production, a polished, good quality website is something you can afford to treat your project to now.


Product Design


Now that you’ve reached your funding goals, putting out a product you and your backers can be proud of is your next port of call.

You might have budgeted for design work to commence after your fundraiser, or you might have a little bit more budget than what you had before you started. Now is the perfect time to engage with a team to deliver the best product you can to market, ensuring ongoing sales and happy backers with design work and printed goods that are worth every cent.


Branding and Marketing


With many startups, not everyone has the time or funding to set up a comprehensively thought out brand before being funded.

Now that you’ve been funded, you’re a real business, and you need the things that come with it, including a carefully curated image to assure your backers that you’re the real deal – that you can be trusted with their funds.

From logos and branding guides to full image suites for sites and social media, you only need to go to one place.


Tell us about your project!


about to start a kickstarter?

Here’s a few options…

Set up your campaign

Prepare for your campaign with the right mix to let your backers know that you’re trustworthy.

With graphic suites for your kickstarter and social media accounts to a proper website, set yourself up with a memorable set of works to tell your backers exactly who you are and why they should put their faith in you.

Backer's Perks

From t-shirts and badges to pens and prints, you need a set of swag to offer your backers for their hard earned cash.

That also means you’re going to need someone to design them to ensure they’re getting a quality product. Get in touch to find out what we can do for your fundraiser to get you over the line.


Whether you’re printing a card game, a magazine or a product, you’re going to need print goods. From packaging design to documentation and game design, Gonzo Media can hep you ensure that your product is presented in the best way possible.

We also offer quotes for works for your to work into your Kickstarter’s budget for us to begin work after your project is funded!

Tell us about your project!