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Damien Southam Consulting

When Damien came to Gonzo Media, he needed a mark he could use personally that could be crossed into use in his own business. He needed a mark that was firm, meaningful, and ultimately him. This is what I came up with, and the later additions of a letterhead, business card and placeholder website, Damien now has a cohesive and professional suite of images to draw from in his day to day work.

The mark for Damien Southam Consulting actually consists of a number of symbols rolled into one.

1. A bow and arrow
2. Three of the cardinal directions
3. The alchemical symbol for annealing: Using fire to strengthen
4. The patriarchal cross

Additionally, it’s a pretty distinctive mark that looks good in a range of formats.


The Website

As he developed his business plan and his counselling services were still growing, Damien needed a website that was small, easy to manage, and had the scope to grow as he was ready to. With a one page design and easy to use interface, Damien’s website pleases his clients while waiting quietly for the day it becomes just a little bit bigger.

The Stationary and Accessories

From just a mark to a suite of goods, Damien has turned to us numerous times for new marketing materials, stationary, and even an old fashioned wax stamp, which we were happy to provide. We anticipate his needs to grow with his business, and the system we have for him is as flexible as he needs to be.


Far beyond simply designing and constructing my “shop front” in stationery and online media, this dynamic team have open my mind into a broader way of looking at the community services and social enterprise community.

Their mentoring, input and encouragement, as well as their quality products and services are, in truth, the reason I am in business at all. Every client of mine who achieves better life outcomes, owe that success in part to Gonzo, and its amazing team! Do not look elsewhere!

Photo kindly provided by Candice Campbell Photography

Damien Southam

Counsellor, Mediator & Advocate, Damien Southam Consulting