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Branding, Marketing and Calendar

Fairy Emilie of EmBodyArt

Just one of the great works created in our working relationship that spanned several years, this calendar was a feat of strength, especially for a Newcastle based artistic small business. The founder of Fairy Good, one of the best face and body painting collectives in the area and a passionate artist in several areas, Emilie applied her considerable talents to this work, and with the help of photographer Xanthe Roxburgh and me, doing the editing and design, this is a lasting legacy of her great work.

All photos on this page kindly furnished by Xanthe Roxburgh

A duo of logos for Em’s new solo venture and for her own personal branding.

The Calendar

Emile teamed up with photographer Xanthe Roxburgh and me to create a calendar showcases her vast talent. With a range of models, themes and artworks, this calendar was a huge triumph of will, tenacity and dedication for all involved.

Printed Goods

With a suite of postcards, greeting cards, stationary, invitations and prints, I provided Emilie with everything she needed to market her calendar effectively.

Alicia is one of the most remarkable designers I have come across. I will not settle for anyone else! The work I have had created by Alicia over the last few years has received so much acclaim by my clients, I will most definitely continue to make use of her services for future creations.

Photo furnished by Xanthe Roxburgh

Emilie Ades

Fairy Mother, EmBodyArt