Neader Clean Newcastle

Branding & Website

Neader Clean Newcastle

When Neader Clean Newcastle approached us, they needed a clean image established that showed their jovial and hard working side along with their professionalism with a logo and website that would suit traditional and government contracts alike, and we delivered a project that they loved.

The Logo

A playful contrast between a caricature of one of the owners of Neader Clean and the very tidy typeface, this logo has been successful and attention grabbing in a range of applications.


The Website

NeaderClean needed a simple, minimalist style website to establish their brand online and give easy-to-access information to their potential clients. With a bit of a graphic flair, this design is clean, professional but not generic.



Made with a range of applications in mind, the Neader Clean Logo was used for staff uniforms, looking sharp and professional as well as authentic and personal.