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Dr. Edser┬ácame to us while he was starting to put together a specialised Anxiety Clinic for his Psychology practise. With almost 10% of the population affected by Anxiety disorders and very few resources to deal with them in Newcastle, NPH was in a perfect position to make meaningful change in the mental health community and needed our help to make that happen. With a suite of attention grabbing advertisements on the same powerful theme, proving successful in the “wild” so to speak.


With a suite of materials for both public advertising and direct advertising to health professionals, the Anxiety is a Thief motif has proven to be impactful, motivating and informative. For doctors, this came in the form of a desk guide to Anxiety Disorders, and for the public, an easily shareable series of flyers, brochures and tear-offs.

The Website

The Newcastle Psychology & Health website needed a renovation to reflect the growing practise and its new focus areas. With a new layout, the site is easy to navigate, sleek, and reflective of the practise, its practitioners and its unique atmosphere.

Other media

With easy to implement visual aids that blend seamlessly with their existing branding, new advertisements and print media are easy to make, print and distribute for future needs.