Quaint Magazine

Branding, Website, Print Media, Advertising, Apparel

Quaint Magazine

Quaint Magazine is a quarterly feminist literary magazine for female and non-binary writers. Quaint is devoted to publishing dynamic and arresting poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and other prose, and it delivers with flair, strength and skill.

Working with Quaint Magazine has produced a fine body of work including illustration, design, branding and apparel design. The work done for Quaint showcases a wide variety of skill while being backed up by results, putting Quaint on the map as a leading voice in feminist literature with fans in Margaret Atwood, Amanda Palmer and more.


When Quaint did their Kickstarter to fund a print version of their fourth issue, they required some merchandise to offer their backers. While we could have gone with the standard logo shirts, we wanted a small run of interesting and relevant designs that can be used into the future to provide supplemental residual income for the magazine as it expands. The images above are a selection of this merchandise, which are offered in badges, tshirts and a range of other apparel.

The Website

Being an online magazine, having a great website is a must. With unique imagery to draw from, I put together a site that’s easy to use, easy to interact with and easy to share while displaying the vital information in an arresting way. Tying in with Quaint’s social media was a must for this project, while giving the professionalism that makes people take them seriously.

Social Media & External Representation

A cohesive social media message and image becomes even more important when you’re dealing with an enterprise with more than one staff member. In addition to the visual aspects of Quaint’s social media accounts, I also assisted in the vetting of interns and curation of Quaint’s message as expressed through the sharing of third party media. This has resulted in a lively and wide community surrounding Quaint, allowing it to reach its funding goals with Kickstarter.