How it works

An Entry level Enterprise Evaluation is a great place to start to get a spot check on an area of your business you’re not so sure about.

You pick the area, and we give you an eight page report that details what’s working for you, what’s not working for you, and what you could do better. When we’re done, you get a sweet discount on our services if you decide to address some of the things that we point out.

So, what are my choices?

You get to choose between three main areas that makes a business great.


When analysing your brand, we take a close look at the things that make your business what it is. We cast a critical eye over your logo and branding guides, and take a look at your current marketing materials to see if they play well together and what they say about your business.

Print Media

When we take a look at your print media, we take a long, hard look at your stationary that you use to communicate with your customers, everything you currently have in circulation on paper, and what’s written on them. We tell you what they say about your business, and what they could be saying.


When we see your online presence, we analyse what your overall design choices say to your customers, and then we examine how that interacts with the words you actually use and whether those say the same things. Behind the scenes, we also glance at your overall site architecture both from a search engine’s point of view and from your customers, ensuring that the pathway through your site is intuitive for the user, and leads to more conversions for you.

About that discount…

Part of our report means making suggestions for things that you can do better. When you decide to commit to addressing your problem areas with us, if your total is $2,720 or more, you’ll receive a nice $272 discount.

Let’s get started

Now that you know how everything works, let's grab some information off of you so we can get started.